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About Asian Fashion Week

The starlight of fashion shines within the Asian fashion matrix.

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Asian Fashion Week, supported by the Creative Asia Foundation and produced by Asia Media Entertainment, is a cornerstone of the Asian International Fashion Arts Festival. This premier event is dedicated to promoting the fashion culture of the Asia-Pacific region, fostering industry development, and enhancing international exchanges. Each year, it draws a global audience, including designers, artists, international brands, fashion buyers, art investors, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts, making it a pivotal event on the international fashion calendar.

Held in various host cities across the Asia-Pacific, Asian Fashion Week collaborates with local cultural and tourism organisations, benefiting from the support of prominent sponsors such as EGO QV and Crown Resort. The week features a dynamic mix of runway shows, exhibitions, workshops, pop up, talk and conference, highlighting the richness and diversity of Asian design aesthetics and techniques. It not only showcases the latest trends but also serves as a forum for addressing crucial industry topics such as sustainability, the integration of technology in fashion, and the preservation of traditional crafts.

Significantly, Asian Fashion Week is more than a mere showcase of current trends; it is a launchpad for emerging talent, spotlighting new designers through competitions and awards like the Asian Fashion Design Award. This provides a platform for up-and-coming talents to gain recognition and advance their careers. The event also champions eco-friendly practices, supporting designers who use sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing processes, thus reflecting the industry’s shift towards environmental responsibility.

As it continues to evolve, Asian Fashion Week's impact goes beyond the runway, influencing retail trends, consumer behaviour, and strategic decisions within global fashion brands. By celebrating the unique contributions of Asian designers and promoting a more inclusive and innovative global fashion industry, Asian Fashion Week remains a global celebration that drives the development and innovation of the fashion industry, making it a vital event for anyone engaged in the world of fashion.

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