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About Us

AsiaN Fashion Week


Asian Fashion Week(AFW) is an annual fashion industry event which creating an innovative and interdisciplinary showcase platform for fashion and a Asian network of emerging designers and artists. AFW were held successfully last year in Melbourne, a Fashion international city in Australia.  And this year, the main Fashion event will be conducted in Melbourne and Sydney, from 5 - 13 August 2019. What made these events special is the cooperation with Asia Media, multi fashion parties and supported by the local government. 


Thanks to this collaboration, the organization has put together an international program with mainly young and emerging labels. In particular there were some designers from China and Australia such as the promising talent UK label, Australia Tailor Make Label  and China Labels  etc.


The Programs contained Fashion Award, Model Search, Showroom and Exhibition, Charity Gala Dinner and the most important nights - Runways. The aim of the program is to enhance the culture of fashion designers across Asia to be more business minded at enhancing their competitiveness internationally. With the advent of “see now, buy now”, AFW engages the sale system to encourage the purchasing immediately, online or in stores. Through a number of international network events and transdisciplinary workshops, more designers, fashion influencers, fashion investors and fashion leader will have the opportunity to participate by presenting their collection, getting know and understand more Asian markets, developing new skill and technology, sustainable fashion, production, craftsmanship and business model.


A prominent and notable fashion week will receive the majority of press coverage and attract the fashion lover, influencers and media. The main object of the AFW is to promote fashion designs from Asia to International buyers and media representatives, meanwhile, to connect the designers to main buyers and investor. For this purpose, activities include presentation of the new collection presentation, Fashion talk, visit the Australia factories, meeting between the designers and producers, buyers, and investor.AFW provides an opportunity to discover the latest talent and development in fashion design and to be amazed by the art of fashion. The entire program is accessible to the general public by means of ticket sales, free activities, targeting audience, charity supporters and related associations. The Designer Award and Model search is all about discovering new talents, boosting and shaping new stars in Asia fashion industry and also opening up these new discovering and development to a wide audience.



AFW is not only targeting to invite numerous labels, but also different brands include high-end clothing such as ready-to-wear, tailor-made suit & dress, other fashion product like watch, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories, limited edition and other fashion related products. 


AFW has vastly unique vision and work collaboratively with designers and related fashion lovers.

We hope we could have standout works and people to define the upcoming trend and fashion sprits. 

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